Welcome to the site of John Sydney Howe and Pauline Howe (Steward)

This site provides an illustration of our extended families' genealogical connections, primarily for their own benefit to gain quick access to family information.

We would be delighted if it succeeds, and more delighted if others find the site useful as well.

We thank you for visiting our family.

Here you can view some pictures of recent family highlights.

The pictures below are just a selection from our families. There are many more inside.
image 1

Thomas Charles Howe
1872 - 1916

image 2

Thomas Joseph Cunningham
1861 ~ 1913

image 3

George Robert Steward
1906 - 1979

image 4

John Frederick Robertson
1901 - 1946

image 5

Mary Ann Loader
1872 - 1958